Enterprise Software Development

Leverage our years of expertise; establish a resilient software base for your company.

Revenue Cycle Management

Recruit elite billing talent; streamline your revenue cycle management for financial success.

Contact Centre Services

Empower communication; implement contact center solutions for your customer relations.

Who we are

Who we are

FARGINS provides strategic solutions for business growth, leveraging in-depth industry knowledge, domain expertise, and innovative thinking in the digital landscape.

We empower organizations to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and drive sustainable growth, regardless of industry or size.

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IT Services

Providing bespoke software, mobile apps, dedicated teams, strategic IT consultancy, captivating UX/UI designs, and meticulous QA/testing services.

Revenue Cycle Management

Delivering comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services to optimize financial operations, enhance cash flow, and improve healthcare outcomes.

Contact Center Services

Offering robust Contact Center Services, enhancing customer relations, improving resolution rates, and boosting overall business performance.

How can FARGINS grow your business?

Save Hours

We consistently identify areas for improvement and automate them, saving you up to 10 hours of manual work every week.

Low Costs

We routinely offer competitive pricing, providing high-quality services at rates up to 15% lower than the market average.

Boost Results

We implement smart solutions, aiming to boost your productivity by up to 20% for measurable performance enhancement.

Access Anywhere

We provide global reach, offering our services in up to 123 countries for enhanced business accessibility and expansion.

360° Care


Revolutionizing construction with innovative software solutions for enhanced efficiency.



User-friendly software enhancing healthcare workers’ ability to provide exceptional patient care.


Retail & ECommerce

Revitalize the retail sector using compelling software solutions that fuel industry-wide innovation.



Meet customer-centric demands: scalable fintech solutions for speed, security, and success.



Energy & Utilities

Scalable operations offering solutions that enhance energy and utility optimization processes.



Travel & Hospitality

Revamp comfort with pragmatic software solutions that enrich the overall experiences of guests.



Our Offices

Charlottesville - Virginia

Charlottesville – Virginia – (804) 508-6244 – info@fargins.com – 600 Twentyninth Place Ct. #1010 Charlottesville, VA 22901, United States

Sydney - Australia

Sydney – Australia – +61 (423) 586-374 – info@fargins.com – 4 Swift Street,
Riverstone, NSW 2765, Australia

Lahore - Pakistan

Lahore – Pakistan – +92 (322) 461-6559 – info@fargins.com – Model Town,
Lahore, 54000, Pakistan

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600 Twentyninth Place Ct # 1010 Charlottesville, VA 22901
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